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New Boston Rail Trail Featured on WCVB Chronicle

WCVB5 Chronicle recently featured the New Boston Rail Trail on their nightly news magazine. Lousie Robie of the New Boston Conservation Commission took Chronicle host Ted Reinstein on a bike ride along the scenic woodsy trail, which follows the path of the original New Boston Railroad, which ceased operations in 1931.

Reinstein provided the history of the trail - how it's possible today thanks to the purchase by townspeople more than 40 years ago - and even stopped to take in the sights at Lang Station.

Robie noted that the trail becomes more popular every year, seeing action from fisherman who use the trail to access the river, walkers, joggers, bikers, and in the winter, a prime location for cross-country snowshoeing.

Reinstein concluded his tour of the trail by celebrating the trail's recent fifth anniversary and the efforts of the Robie household in making it what it is today.

Check out these additional photos from Chronicle's trip to New Boston:

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