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Geocaching along the rail trail


What is Geocaching? It is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS enabled device.

Players navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at each location.

There are millions of geocache hidden around in the world and over 30 right on our very own rail trail.

Check out to sign up for an account and for more details.

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Geocaching with a smart phone


Download the Geocaching app

  • Go to location and type in New Boston

  • That brings up  a map of all the geocaches in town.

  • Toggle to the rail trail, click on any geocache and navigate to the hidden spot.


Geocaching with a GPS


  • You need to go to

  • Follow directions to create an account

  • Then go to finding a geocache and type in New Boston.

  • Download the rail trail caches to your GPS.

  • After the geocache is found, you must sign the log and record that you found it.

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