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CONTEST - NBRT is looking for creative woodworkers!

Last week during my travels, I happened to notice a plywood train structure on the Goffstown Rail Trail between the prison and the Irving gas station.

My thought is not original, but I would like to copy Goffstown's plywood cut out with one of our own - so let's make it a contest!

Here's where YOU come in: draw your own vision for our New Boston plywood train! Keep is simple, but make it unique. Email your idea to me at by November 1st.

Drawings can be of anything train-related (train engine, passenger car, coal train car, caro car, depot, train stop) and MUST fit on a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.

All submissions will be posted at Lang Station for voting on November 7th.

Winners will be provided a 4x8 sheet of plywood for you to build your design on. 3-6 different cutouts will be displayed along the rail trail over phases I and II.

I look forward to seeing everyone's creative submissions! -Louise R.

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